At SarvAI, our mission is to research, design and develop novel and out-of-the-box technologies that can significantly reduce the cost and knowledge barriers required for engaging custom built AI in businesses. 

Machine Learning Simplified

SarvAI's Neural Refinery

Fully customized and scalable Machine Learning solutions as a Service for businesses

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Long-term engagement with the clients and their data is a key factor in ensuring that they can take full advantage of Machine Learning and AI to address their business pain-points. With the Neural Refinery platform, we provide the best machine learning solution for our clients to address their business pain-points while reducing their costs. This will allow them to put their focus and resources on their core business problems while getting support from our platform.

Main Features

  • Long-term engagement with the clients

  • Cost efficient

  • Fully customized solution built based on the client's data

  • Custom analytics tools to help connect the machine learning to the business pain-points

  • Long-term monitoring and maintenance to ensure that pain-points are addressed

  • Requires very little maintenance from the client's side


Your ML solutions are designed and developed by our team of senior ML experts, each with more than 15 years of experience in this field.


Our platform is designed and  built by industry veterans who are specialized in high-performance computing. This platform is designed specifically for fully customizable and real-time Machine Learning Solutions and Data Processing.


Fast Integration time to access

your unique solution in our



Regular monitoring and adjustments to the ML

solution to make sure that

that pain-points are addressed


Our platform save hours of manpower, requires little supervision, can be installed on top of existing equipment, and can be easily modified to suit new sizes, locations or requirements


We provide cloud + edge hybrid solutions to minimize data load and latency, and can also set up on local clouds for security purposes

SarvAI's Video Analytics

Fully customizable platform for extracting information from images and video-feeds in real-time.

Coming Soon ...

SarvAI's Services

We would like to help companies to ...

  • Better understand machine learning needs and practices

  • Better understand the challenges of their problems and data

  • Better understand the effect of machine learning on their business

  • Figure out their roadmap to AI differentiation  

  • Utilize better data collection strategies to support AI

To help companies better understand how Machine Learning technologies can help them in long term and how the data they have been collecting can be used for this purpose, we offer the following services. These services are needed to ensure that the machine learning solution is adequate enough to address the business pain-points and are all included in our product lines.

Introduction to

Machine Learning

Introductory workshop for clients based on their data and needs

Machine Learning


Introductory workshop for businesses to show what they need to do to adapt ML workflows

Machine Learning


Advanced workshop for clients to show how they can achieve the right ML solution based on their data

Data Collection Strategies

Consulting companies on data collection strategies to better support ML solutions

Custom Workshops

Workshops on various ML and data analysis topics based on the client's needs